How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media can be used to connect to your fans, friends and prospects but it can also be an outlet for criticism. Do you know how to manage and respond to negative comments properly? We’re sharing the proper way to combat negative comments.

What you SHOULD NOT do:
Ignore/Delete: Probably the most commonly used response, though not the best one. Would you ignore an in-person complaint? No, so why take the silent road on social media for all to see?

What you SHOULD do:
Apologize and Offer a Solution: Treat the complaint as a way to practice good marketing. Respond respectfully, offer a solution and politely suggest you continue conversation offline or in private. For example, If someone is unhappy with their service received and leaves a negative review or comment on your social pages, follow this format:

  1. Apologize: “Hi [customer name]. We’re so sorry you had a negative experience with us.”
  2. Offer a solution: “We pride ourselves on our great service and would like the opportunity to change your experience.”
  3. Make the terms private and take the conversation offline: “We would love to discuss your experience with us further and try to make things right. Please email us/direct message us/call us so that we can work something out. Thank you.”

Just remember, not all negative commentary may be warranted and sometimes it helps to take a few moments to step back and answer with a clear head. Following this formula will allow you to have a faster response rate as well. The goal is to give “haters” a hard time to combat your response or turn an unhappy patron into loyal customer.

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